Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (10/19-10/23)

6 Tips for Hiring a Great Web Design Agency

Source: Business to Community

Hiring a digital agency isn’t easy, and there are many potential pitfalls to look out for. My past as an in-house marketer for small businesses and startups means that I have extensive experience in the area of unmet expectations by digital agencies.
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Steps to accept payments on your website


First, the easy part: Talk to your web design firm or eCommerce consultants about accepting payments from your site. Already have a merchant account for taking credit cards off-line? Then you have a head start.
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The growing importance of the selfie, and social media, in retail

Source: Internet Retailing

Selfies, it turns out, are more than a social media trend. They are having a real impact on the way we buy – and are one way to demonstrate the rise of social media as a platform for commerce.
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How to Mobilize Your Business in 4 Easy Steps

Source: Business 2 Community

How often do you pick up your smartphone throughout the day? When you wake up; when you’re waiting for the shower to get warm; when you’re standing in line for coffee; when you get a push note? The point is society today lives in an alternate world, an iWorld, where everything lives within a dim blue light — including your company.
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Holiday shopping: what shoppers and retailers are really thinking

Source: Click Z

Brands can use consumer expectations to dictate campaign strategy. Here’s how targeting with special promotions can help marketers gain a competitive edge during the holiday season.
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How should retailers prepare for this holiday season?

Source: advertising + marketing

As customers begin the process of searching for a product or service, there are a number of potential channels available to them, including emails from retailers, websites and online search.
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14 Common Ecommerce Pain Points Currently Reducing Your Business Efficiency and ROI

Source: Business 2 Community

Online businesses migrating from on-premise or custom ecommerce solutions to SaaS platforms are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on go-to-market and maintenance costs.
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