Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (10/17-10/21)

Maddie Case Study

Source: Something Digital

Maddie is a new clothing line offering effortless style and cozy essentials designed in conjunction with Maddie Ziegler. The line of tom-girl apparel needed an ecommerce website with a robust, responsive user experience for teens and tweens. Something Digital designed and built the new ecommerce website using a custom responsive theme on Magento Enterprise 1.14.2 including features such as ajax multi-select filtering, share-to-buy functionality, and FedEx Crossborder international off-site checkout.
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Your users are frustrated – here’s a way to fix that and make more money

Source: Business2Community

Ever scroll through a website and get irrationally angry? Maybe it was the slow loading time, the poor design, the frustrating lack of clarity – no matter the case, I’m sure you can relate. Though you might not like to hear it, a substantial amount of your customers are going through the same thing on your site right now. This is inevitable. The real money comes from finding these common frustrations and fixing them. But how? Identifying user frustration on websites has always been a difficult and inexact science, but there are certainly ways you can do so accurately.
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4 Reasons Your Company Should Use Native Advertising

Source: Entrepreneur

Native advertising is new, which makes it prone to controversy. Detractors question the media’s objectivity and the potential for misleading consumers — an issue that has been well discussed elsewhere. But the derision of native advertising has failed to slow its advance for obvious reasons: The advertising world used to be way worse, media companies have to make money somehow, and consumers actually prefer native ads.
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21 Apple Pay Tips & Why it’s The Future of Mobile Payments

Source: BigCommerce

Apple Pay is the future of mobile payments for one of the larger, wealthier mobile audiences — those on iOS. Now discover how you and your customers can benefit. Apple Pay will be here before the holidays. Is your business ready? Have you even thought through the potential impact? Apple Pay is a next generation checkout solution aimed at solving one of the biggest mobile commerce pain points: checkout frustration. Inserting payment information on small screens is difficult, cumbersome, and time consuming. Neither the customer nor merchant win in that scenario. This is why most mobile commerce transactions today occur on tablet –– not smartphone.
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5 Tactics Every Retail Marketer Should Be Using In 2017

Source: Business2Community

It’s official: retail marketing is sexy again. The likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and co. are creating new consumer experiences to shorten the buying journey between those first searches or ads and the final purchase. This means you need to adapt to a new kind of shopping process; one where less time is spent on websites and more of it in search, social media and even in-store. The good news is this shift isn’t as drastic as it sounds – in fact, the transition has been slowly happening for a few years now. Here are the key retail marketing tactics to claim your place in the next stage of online shopping.
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