Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (10/12-10/16)

Why don’t your best customers buy more gifts from you?

Source: Internet Retailer

Many consumers don’t shop for gifts where they shop for themselves. Here are some tips for making a retail site appealing for holiday gift shoppers.
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4 Reasons To Launch An E-Commerce Business This Year

Source: Tech Co

There’s a rising number of entrepreneurs whose ideal business model is the one that lets them choose any lifestyle they like, and run it on autopilot. E-commerce tends to be a fairly good answer to those desires. Whether you are a bootstrapper or an investor with some extra cash to launch a new venture, e-commerce is an easy field to get into, especially today.
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A closer look at North America’s Top 1000 e-retailers

Source: Internet Retailer

North America’s Top 1000 retailers by online sales, which collectively account for about 90% of e-retail purchases in the United States and Canada, are growing far faster than total retail sales. Web sales of the Top 1000 increased 15.7% to $302.56 billion up from $261.47 billion in 2013. That’s slightly higher than the 15.4% growth in 2014 online sales, according to the U.S. Commerce Department.
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National Retail Federation forecasts holiday sales to increase 3.7%

Source: NRF

The National Retail Federation announced today it expects sales in November and December (excluding autos, gas and restaurant sales) to increase a solid 3.7 percent to $630.5 billion — significantly higher than the 10-year average of 2.5 percent.
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Mcommerce sales to reach $142B in 2016: Forrester

Source: Luxury Daily

Mobile commerce transactions are expected to top $115 billion in 2015 and climb to $142 billion next year, according to a new report from Forrester Research.
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Why To Choose Magento For Developing Your E-commerce Websites

Source: Tech.Co

For many ecommerce companies, their website is the primary sales channel, means of customer communication and marketing vehicle. In fact, the explosion in the use of mobile devices to access eCommerce sites and complete transactions has launched global eCommerce on a faster track for growth than ever before.
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Why Mobile Commerce Went from Slow Progression to Fast Domination

Source: Multichannel Merchant

It was a long time coming, but The Year of Mobile Commerce finally came in 2014, and it doesn’t appear that it’s rise to ecommerce stardom will fade away any time soon.
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3 Web Design Best Practices to Improve Conversion Rates

Source: Business to Community

What is the overall goal of your web design strategy? It isn’t just to have a pretty site or to give a web designer a great addition to their portfolio. So what’s it all about then? Well it should be about more than just aesthetics.
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