Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (09/14-09/18)

Responsive Web design makes an inefficient design too darn easy

Source: ComputerWorld

Responsive Web design makes scaling a website up and down for a mobile device easy. Almost as easy as it facilitates sloppy designs that don’t even try to intelligently choose what stays, what goes and, most critically, what should stand by until it’s needed.
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[Executive Series] Converting Abandoned Carts to Sales 

Source: Something Digital

Something Digital and Bronto hosted the second installment of our executive discussions surrounding ecommerce and marketing. View slides to learn best practice for turning abandoned carts into sales. Our experts will provided key tips on incentives, messaging, timing, and more.
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First look: Android Pay is here but still needs work

Source: USA Today

While Apple is getting ready to take on the latest Android phones later this month with the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, Google is getting set to go after Apple in different field — mobile payments.
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Is User Experience Design Just A State Of Mind?

Source: Business to Community

With digital evolving at a high speed of knots, user experience (UX) designers can often find themselves in a continual state of flux trying to keep pace with best practices and consumer expectations.
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6 Effective Ways To Use Vine and Snapchat For More eCommerce Growth

Source: Business to Community

As an e-commerce merchant, you are probably spending countless hours trying to generate more leads and sales from the big three (or four): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We’ll be the first to say that those are definitely social media platforms that you want to work hard at, in order to create a special bond with fans.
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Mobile Marketing and the Future of E-Commerce

Source: Social Times

E-commerce is a  growing and important global market, driven largely in part by increased adoption and use of mobile devices. A report from  OtherLevels, a digital marketing platform, examines the potential future growth of the mobile space, and the importance of marketing messages for mobile.
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Expert: How social is changing ecommerce

Source: BizReport

Social networking has taken over the world and it just might take over ecommerce. One expert weighs in how the role social plays for retailers and what the future could hold.
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