Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (09/07-09/11)

5 tips for designing a web form with a high conversion rate

Source: Mashable

Web forms can be used to help you collect orders, leads, subscribers, inquiries and feedback so it’s important to optimize their conversion rates. Often taken for granted, they are one of the essential elements of your lead generation and marketing efforts. Most visitors don’t want to spend time filling them out, so designing a web form that provides great user experience is imperative.
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[Executive Series] Converting Abandoned Carts to Sales 

Source: Something Digital Blog

Something Digital and Bronto is hosting the second installment of our executive discussions surrounding ecommerce and marketing. Join us on Wednesday, SEPT 16. to learn best practice for turning abandoned carts into sales. Our experts will provide key tips on incentives, messaging, timing, and more.
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6 UX design trends online retailers should be aware of


According to a report published by Bigcommerce, the global  B2C ecommerce  market is likely to hit record growth with the revenue of almost US$2-trillion in 2015. With a market that offers such huge potential, it is only normal that online retail industry is trying best to appease the customers by providing the best possible shopping experience.
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The Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Source: readwrite

The success of digital marketing depends on a number of factors: understanding your marketing history, knowing what’s being said about your brand, and meeting the needs of your consumers in a valuable way.
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6 Web design mistakes (and how to correct them)

Source: TNW News

Here we’re going to take a look at a few common design mistakes and how to avoid or correct them in the design process. (As an added bonus, each mistake is paired with an example of how to do it right to help you move forward.)
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Mobile Commerce Growing 300% Faster than eCommerce

Source: PR Newswire

Data researched by Coupofy  suggests that between 2013 and 2016 mobile shopping will grow 42% compared to regular eCommerce’s 13%, and mobile users will spend a total of $600 billion in 2018, a 300% growth from 2014’s $200 billion.
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Landing Page Design: How to Improve It to Get More Conversions

Source: Business to Community

Whether you stumble upon an interesting celebrity or simply want to read up on your favorite TV show, having a strong landing page can make or break your connections. So before the latter happens, let’s discuss some  tips and strategies to strengthen your landing page.
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Digital Marketing: The 7 Essential Channels

Source: Business to Community

When Henry Ford was selling automobiles in the early 20th century, all he had to do was assemble the cars and get them into show rooms as quickly as possible. By the time the cars were in the show room, there were several customers in line waiting to buy them.
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Holiday e-commerce sales growth may dip slightly

Source: Internt Retailer

Online holiday sales will grow by 13.9%, down slightly from 14.4% last year, eMarketer says. Online sales will hit 9% of retail sales during November and December, the research firm says.
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