Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (08/17-08/21)

[Infographic Alert] 7 Post-Launch Tasks to make your Ecommerce Process a Success

Source: Something Digital Blog

Typically, there is no single individual or vendor that can reliably handle all items. The process requires a team with varied skills, who can collaborate effectively and stay disciplined with respect to the vision created by an organization’s leadership and sound ecommerce practices.
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Retailers have room to improve online cart completion messages

Source: Internet Retailer

E-retailers are trying everything from sending email reminders to offering quick links to customer service to spur purchases from the 40% of online shoppers who leave items in their online shopping carts to view later or buy in a store, a survey released this week by Bronto Software shows.
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Facebook’s last push into e-commerce was a disaster but it’s gearing up to try again

Source: Business Insider

As part of its budding ecommerce ambitions, Facebook recently started allowing a small number of brands to sell their products directly through a new “shop” section on their pages, BuzzFeed’s Alex Katrowitz reported in July.
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US E-Commerce Sales Jump 14 Percent, Account For 7.2 Percent of All Retail

Source: Marketing Land

E-commerce sales in the US shot up 14.1 percent to $83.9 billion in the second quarter compared to Q2 2014 when adjusted for seasonality, the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce reported Monday. That compares to an overall increase in US retail sales of just 1.0 percent year-over-year.
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The 6 Must-Have Operational Strategies to Dominate Omnichannel Ecommerce

Source: Business 2 Community

There is nothing wrong on the surface with marketplace success. In fact, the benefits are numerous for smaller shops: you get to cast a wider net to an audience already in shopping mode and increase your chances of attracting the 45% of shoppers who start their product search on Amazon, not Google.
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6 Factors That Affect e-Commerce Sales

Source: Social Barrel

Despite of its growing popularity, we cannot deny the fact that ECommerce is an extremely competitive market. E-commerce business owners must constantly stay on their toes and keep an eye on their competition. Despite of a promising market and the recent splurge in the online shopping industry, there are several things that can affect eCommerce sales.
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3 Tips on How To Differentiate In Ecommerce

Source: Business 2 Community

As the ecommerce market has evolved, customers have become more and more aware of the companies attempts to fulfill their needs and make them happy. Nowadays, customers are not looking for a plain shopping experience because they buy with their heart and soul, and they want to be surprised.
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