Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (08/10-08/14)

Magento Accelerates Investment in the B2B Market

Source: Market Watch

Magento, an eBay Enterprise company, today launched the Magento B2B Program as it continues to expand its investment in the B2B space. The leading B2B ecommerce provider offers innovative features and the fastest time to market through its Magento platform and partner ecosystem.
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5 Ways Blogging Increases Your Business’ Search Engine Ranking and Visibility 

Source: Business 2 Community

Many conservative businesses still don’t see blogging as something to be considered seriously. Pre-social media era, blogs are mere online diaries where people share their personal thoughts and stories to connect with family and friends. Today, blogs have become reliable sources of information, education, entertainment, and are essential tools for online marketing.
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Abandoned Cart Emails: Hits and Misses

Source: Bronto

Abandoned cart campaigns are consistently high revenue generators for my clients. If you aren’t currently sending abandoned cart messages, I strongly recommend implementing a campaign.
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9 Steps to the Perfect E-commerce Product Page

Source: Business 2 Community

What are the elements that make up a high converting e-commerce product page?  Jeff is excited about launching his online business. He’s generating a ton of traffic to his product pages, but his conversion rates aren’t so hot. Upon further examination of his product pages, he’s noticed they’re bland. Product descriptions are copied directly from the manufacturer. The resolution of the images is low. Pages lack reviews. The list of flaws goes on.
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40% of shoppers leave items in online carts to view later

Source: BizReport

Consumers are doing much more of their shopping – from product research to actual buying – online. But, though more shoppers are looking at branded websites and reviews, a good number continue to abandon shopping carts. Why?
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12 Reasons I Won’t Buy From Your Website

Source: B2C

Bad design leads to lower trust and higher friction. This means, no matter how much traffic you drive to your site, if your design isn’t right, your leads will walk straight out the door. Make your website earn its keep, put it to the litmus test of these common design mistakes. Here are 12 common mistakes that mean people won’t buy from your website – you don’t have to be making them.
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