Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (04/24-04/28)

8 Tips for Dominating Online Sales

Source: Entrepreneur

In the last decade, online shopping has grown from a convenience to a necessity. Before the internet, shopping involved a process of getting ready, driving through traffic and navigating through a crowded retail store that may or may not have the necessary item. The digital age has changed everything about shopping. Now, shoppers don’t even need to get out of bed to get the items they want.
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The Secrets of Content Marketing

Source: Practical Ecommerce

Content marketers have a challenge. They’re tasked with creating content to attract, engage, and retain customers, but those marketers can never really be certain what specific content will resonate with their intended audience. Moreover, content marketing doesn’t work that way. Content marketing is a marathon more than a sprint. It’s a slow burn, not a blazing fireball. So what’s the secret? How do you make engaging content?
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Creating Grabby Headlines for Your Social Media Ads

Source: Business2Community

If you are running online ads, particularly on social media, you really don’t have a lot of space to use a lot of words. In fact, Facebook only allows 20% of an ad’s graphic to be text. Therefore, your ad’s headline has to have a big impact in just a few words in order to get clicked on. So, just how do you write a grabby headline?
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7 Elements of a Return Policy That Sells

Source: PracticalEcommerce

Merchants give so much thought into making the sale that they tend to forget some of the post-sale components that savvy shoppers look for first. One of these is the returns policy — that page of text that explains to shoppers what they can do if they don’t like their purchase. The typical return policy contains text that explains everything that can or cannot be sent back, as well as lots of legal jargon that complicates the process. Today, though, even Amazon has simplified its policy to make it easy to understand and use.
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