Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (03/21-3/25)

8 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Will Increase Profit for your Business  

Source: Business to Community

Responsive web design is a relatively new standard in how modern websites are designed; it allows web page content to move around on a screen automatically to adjust for just about any screen size. This makes websites more accessible for a wide range of internet-connected devices.
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How to Set Goals for a Killer B2B Social Media Campaign 

Source: Cox Business

B2B marketers in particular, being tasked with the job of bringing prospects into sales funnels for complex products and services, need to know how to set goals for every aspect of their campaigns – and that includes social media initiatives.
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How to Write Content for Each Section of Your Website 


A website’s content consists of the writing, videos, and interactive content that is on a business’ site.
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Top Tips to Create Shoppable Content 

Source: Biz Report

Why is Shoppable Content mutually beneficial to the brand leveraging it, and the consumer shopping with it?
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13 Ecommerce Spring Cleaning Tips 

Source: CIO

Ah spring, a time of renewal. A time to take stock and get rid of the things that you no longer need or use and replace them with things that you now do.
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Can Artificial Intelligence Save Social?

Source: Search Engine Watch

It’s a complicated question, but not one without precedent. One only has to look at the fortunes of MySpace to realize that no social platform is too big to fail.
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Minimum Wage Hikes Will Raise Ecommerce Shipping Costs 

Source: Fortune

A report released Friday by the real estate services firm CBRE says that the rising wave of minimum-wage increases at the city and state levels will have a pronounced effect on the warehouses that fulfill e-commerce orders from online sellers like Amazon.
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