Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (03/14-03/18)

SD was at the Bronto Summit

Source: Something Digital

Check back on our blog for a quick recap and Phillip’s slides!
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How to Avoid Spam Filters 

Source: Mail Chimp

Legitimate email marketers who send permission-based emails to people who requested them get spam filtered all the time. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix.
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USPS to Test Cross Border Ecommerce Service 

Source: Ecommerce Bytes

The new GeM Merchant program would allow domestic online merchants to offer their international customers the ability, at the time of purchase, to prepay the estimated duties and taxes that the foreign country’s customs agency would assess upon the shipment’s arrival in the foreign destination.
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The Factor Driving Up Ecommerce Logistic Costs

Source: PYMNTS

The Wall Street Journal shares that a new report from real estate brokerage firm CBRE estimates that, for a warehouse operation with 500 employees, a $1 increase in average hourly wages could result in $1 million in additional annual costs.
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SEO: How Search Engines Work

Source: Practical Ecommerce

Search engines trawl the web, sifting through billions of data points to serve up information in a fraction of a second. The access to instant information we’ve come to take for granted is based on an enormous system of data retrieval and software.
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