Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (02/15-02/19)

3 Email-marketing Fundamentals for Success 

Source: Practical Ecommerce

Purposeful, content-rich email marketing can produce a return on investment many times greater than traditional advertising, online banners, and even pay-per-click ads.
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What is the Best Social Media Platform for Driving Traffic?


There almost too many social media accounts to count at this point.  Everyone that has taken at least a vague interest in putting their business out to the public has jumped onto Facebook.
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Why Affiliate Marketing has Attracted $4 Billion in Recent Investment 

Source: Internet Retailer

As the new chief strategy officer for Ebay Enterprise Marketing Solutions, it’s my job to recognize the leading edge of industry trends and map the way forward.
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Optimizing Your Site to Increase Conversions 

Source: Ecommerce Platforms

Often there are ecommerce sites that have hit the ground running in regard to their SEO and online marketing; they are ranking highly for their target keywords, enjoying a large and vocal following on social media, and traffic to their site is rising.
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Ecommerce: Convenience Built on a Mountain of Cardboard 

Source: The New York Times

Ruchit Garg, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, says that he worries that something isn’t right with his Internet shopping habit.
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9 Tools to Get the ABCs of Ecommerce Right 

Source: Business2Community

The success of your ecommerce business depends quite a lot on use of the best tools as well as the best use of these tools.
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