Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (02/01-02/05)

Email Marketing Helps B2B Companies Boosts Ecommerce Activities 

Source: eMarketer

Email marketing has been a dependable channel for many companies.
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7 Ecommerce Mistake You’re Making and How to Fix Them

Source: Business to Community

In 2016, the global eCommerce industry is set to take in over $1.15 Trillion dollars in sales. That is more than the GDP of Sweden, Finland and Greece – Combined.
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Whats Next for Ecommerce in 2016? 

Source: Entrepreneur

This year will be a defining one for ecommerce, in terms of mobile domination. Sources predict that 2016 will mark the consolidation of the mobile era, with half of all consumers using their mobile devices to make transations.
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Why Retailers Can’t Resist Social Media 

Source: Internet Retailer

Social networks directly drive only a small fraction of online retail sales, but they provide socially astute retailers unique ways to reach and influence the shoppers they covet the most.
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3 Steps to Setup Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics 

Source: Duct Tape Marketing

To all the eCommerce store owners, if you haven’t set up eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics then you are not taking your online business seriously.
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Are Online Sales Much Higher than Reported?

Internet Retailer

Economics researchers claim the U.S. government is seriously under-counting online retail sales.
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Here’s the Problem with Trendy Ecommerce Businesses

Source: Fortune

It’s hard to name a category of startups that has struggled to produce big, billion-dollar exits more than e-commerce.
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