Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (01/30-02/03)

Congrats Magento Master Phillip Jackson!

Source: Something Digital Blog

Our Ecommerce Evangelist, Phillip Jackson was named a Magento Master: Mentor for the second year in a row. To become a Magento Master: Mentor, you would have to be one of the top contributors to the Magento Community. These individuals are considered highly resourceful educators and developers who have proven expertise on building successful Magento implementations. Keep reading to see what Phillip was up to in the Magento community in 2016.
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10 ways to effectively use visuals on your website

Source: Business2Community

Visual content has always been relevant in marketing, but it’s quickly begun gaining more steam. This is probably because the average human’s attention span is now less than a goldfish’s, and visual content can catch a viewer’s attention quicker—and keep it longer—than written content. Naturally, images, videos, and infographics have invaded every section of the business world—including webpages. Here are some ways to maximize your website’s potential.
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3 reasons email campaigns remain the best marketing tool

Source: Entrepreneur

A recent study from marketing technology pioneer Zeta Global and market research firm The Relevancy Group found, there’s even more value for email marketing today than in years past. Why? Mobile trends have brought new life and relevance to the dated technology. This e-commerce study, found that email marketing’s value in the mobile era can be broken down to three major factors.
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Maximize ROI: how to promote your B2B website

Source: Business2Community

When it comes to B2B marketing, a professional website is a necessary investment. You want the digital face of your firm to be professional, credible, and authoritative. Before a website launch, it’s important to put together a post-launch strategy that includes various channel campaigns to promote the website. Here are six different tactics for B2B marketing professionals looking to maximize the ROI of their new website.
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What’s in store for the ecommerce and payments industry in 2017?

Source: Finance Magnates

There are a number of different directions the ecommerce and payments industry could take in 2017. In conjunction with the growth of ecommerce, a shift towards mobile devices is all but certain in 2017, more so than ever before, as well as an increased availability of the internet worldwide to help broaden economic opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. However, with these opportunities come inevitable challenges, not the least of which is the future of payments.
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