Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (01/25-01/29)

Massive Online Retail Data Error Uncovered


It’s common knowledge that Kodak’s demise came at the hands of digital. But few know the whole story of why that happened.
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How Different Buying Styles can Impact Ecommerce Web Design 

Source: Examiner

Whilst eCommerce web design might seem pretty straightforward – all you need to do is display the products and prices, provide a shopping cart and payment portals, and you’re done – there’s actually a lot more to it.
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Congrats to SD Team on a New Launch 

Source: Something Digital Blog

Check out the successful launch of Medicare Interactive
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The Rise and Demise of Ecommerce 


Since the end of the 1990s, ecommerce has gone from minor curiosity to full-blown economic powerhouse.
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5 Easy Ways to Set Goals and Objectives that Will Help You Complete Projects 

Source: Deamler

This is by far the most common approach to defining project goals.
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The Way You Buy and Use Apps Is About to Change Big Time 

Source: Wired

Turning apps into money has always seemed like a fairly straightforward proposition.
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