Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (01/04-01/08)

Online Retailers go Mobile to Manage Warehouse Productivity 

Source: Internet Retailer

Using voice-to-pick software has helped electronics e-retailer Newegg improve warehouse employee output by 23%.
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5 Visual Marketing Trends Than Will Dominate 2016

Source: Forbes

Content marketing is becoming increasingly visual. As we transition into 2016, it’s time to think about which visual marketing trends are most likely to stick around.
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The Amazon Effect on B2B Ecommerce & What B2B Businesses Need to Do About It 

Source: Business 2 Community

It’s no secret that B2B eCommerce platforms are rapidly becoming a key channel for many brands, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. While the B2B purchase process was once limited to in-person sales interactions, more and more buyers are demanding the convenience of 24/7 online ordering.
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[Infographic] Effective Strategies for Increasing Ecommerce Conversions 

Source: Social Times

While the last quarter of the year may be the season for ecommerce shopping, it’s important to have a sound strategy year round. An infographic from digital agency Data Dial provides a wealth of psychological tips for improving your ecommerce strategy and related outcomes.
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What Will 2016 Bring for Ecommerce and Multichannel Retailers 

Source: Internet Retailing

The New Year bells have rung, the champagne has been quaffed – now back at our desks, thoughts are turning to the year ahead. What does 2016 hold for online and multichannel retailers? We asked some key industry figures for their predictions.
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8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business for Ecommerce Sites

Source: Business2Community

Repeat business is all about building relationships. There is no doubt that it is easier to create and build a relationship with a consumer in person or over the phone than online. But, it is not impossible for an e-commerce site.
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Ringing in the New Year with a Rush of Online Returns

Source: Internet Retailer

E-commerce orders, especially clothing, increase retailers’ return rates. More than $20 billion worth of merchandise purchased online in November and December will be returned, one analyst firm says.
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