Ecommerce Trends Around the World

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In a recent Nielsen report, 44% of Internet-users surveyed said they planned on using a smartphone for online purchases within the next 6 months.[1]

Ecommerce sales are growing and payment options are evolving. Worldwide, ecommerce sales grew over 20% from last year. By the end of 2014, global ecommerce sales are expected to reach $1.5 trillion.[2]  Alibaba – China’s leading ecommerce company– dominates 80% of China’s online sales[3]. September brought Alibaba’s first IPO. In October, Apple debuted Apple Pay, safe credit card storage that eases payments not only in-stores but within apps.

People are using phones to browse and shop online[4] and technology is reaching new markets. It is becoming increasingly important to appeal to mobile users. Apple is expanding its products and exploring opportunities in Iran[5], smartphones are becoming the preferred online shopping device in developing countries,[6] and Pew Internet reports that many low-income adults in the U.S. (upwards of 31%) are mobile-only users. New markets mean new business opportunities, but a mobile-unfriendly site means you are missing out on potential conversions.

Bottom line: your company should have a device-agnostic ecommerce experience. Anything less excludes potential business.


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