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Cyber Weekend 2016: How did you Perform?

In this post, we will look specifically at the busiest period for most ecommerce sites during the year: Cyber Weekend1. In 2016, Something Digital’s clients saw 18% overall revenue growth YoY, mainly thanks to email, mobile, and affiliates. In 2017, we anticipate a continuation of the same trends, with growth occurring over the month of November as a whole instead of just Cyber Weekend. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the metrics, trends, and 2017 predictions based on SD’s clients.

Cyber Weekend 2016 Metrics Overview

– 28% growth in traffic YoY
– 18% growth in revenue YoY
– 14% growth in transactions YoY
– 22% growth in AOV YoY

Cyber Weekend 2016 Mobile Metrics

– 39% growth in traffic YoY
– 45% growth in revenue YoY
– 33% growth in transactions YoY
– 76% growth in AOV YoY

Mobile Ecommerce Metrics Increase 2016

If we only look at clients who have mobile responsive sites, those mobile metrics increase twofold. In previous years, the growth in mobile traffic far outweighed the growth in mobile revenue, so it was nice to see a reversal of that trend. As responsive web design continues to improve and shoppers gain more trust in mobile purchasing, that growth metric will continue to improve.

Additional Highlights

– Monday was the best revenue day
– Affiliate and email were the best channels
– The average discount offered increased by 43%

General trends

Site Search Ecommerce Metrics 2015 - 2016

– Mobile growth was significant across all clients, but especially those with responsive sites

– On average, Cyber Monday outperformed Black Friday for 75% of our clients (this delta was smaller in 2015)

– In general, social media traffic increased over Cyber Weekend, but sales trended flat or down from 2015. Social wasn’t a big revenue driver for any of our clients.

– Site search was an integral revenue driver over Cyber Weekend. Sessions with site search saw an 80% higher conversion rate than those without it.

– Clients that offered fewer discounts in 2016 saw an average decrease in revenue of about 10% YoY

Based on the data that we’ve seen this year, along with a number of white papers and blog articles from other agencies, we’re predicting a few general trends for 2017

Cyberweekend Ecommerce Metrics Trends

– Cyber weekend will stretch to include the entire month of November instead of just one long weekend. In 2016, our clients saw increased KPIs starting as early as Halloween. In 2017, we anticipate promos to stretch more evenly over the entire month of November

– Email will become an even bigger revenue driver as more clients adopt predictive technology and personalization

Omnichannel Experience

– Marketers will benefit by erasing the distinction between mobile and desktop users. Mobile and desktop go hand-in-hand and the distinction between them is completely artificial. Focusing on good mobile might not increase revenue that significantly on mobile, but it will continue to contribute to higher desktop conversions. In 2016, we saw a strong correlation between high percentages of mobile traffic and high overall conversion rates – we expect this to increase accordingly in 2017.

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