Cyber Weekend Graphic

Cyber Weekend 2014 Stats

It’s no secret that the period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday encompasses 5 of the most important days of the year for online retailers. SD’s Magento portfolio ranges in verticals from stationery to jewelry to cosmetics to furniture. Here are some of the key data points we found while reviewing ecommerce data for that period.

Turn Up the Volume

On average, our clients generated 3.5 times more revenue daily during Cyber Weekend when compared to their average 2014 daily revenue prior to that. That number was even higher with clients who ran aggressive promotions. One client increased sales by 650% during the 5-day period surrounding Cyber Monday.

Mobile Takeover 

Mobile accounted for roughly 36% of Cyber Weekend traffic among SD clients in 2014. This is a 57% increase over 2013 when that number was only 23%.

Consumers are  becoming much more comfortable completing transactions directly from their phones. In 2013, consumers who browsed SD client sites from their phones converted an average of 0.51% of the time, however, in 2014 that number was up to 1.03%.

Generating Revenue

Using a sample of 10 client sites, we identified organic search to be the top channel for 6 sites, email was the second most successful channel, being the top channel for 2 sites.

Wrapping It Up

Business is growing for retailers across the SD portfolio. SD-supported Magento sites pulled in roughly 72% more revenue in 2014.

Since Cyber Weekend 2014 is behind us, contact SD now to discuss plans for 2015!

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