There's no one way your customers prefer to shop. Some have repeat orders, some purchase on account. Some of your customers have delivery on a route, some pick up from your distribution centers direct with their own trucks. B2B is as unique as the businesses that you service every day – and SD knows how to build creative experiences that will drive digital  transformation in your company.


Features They Want

Your customers expect to be able to see their pricing and a transparent view of your available inventory when shopping online, just like they get when they speak to their dedicated account reps. Don't worry – SD has you covered. Requisition lists? No problem. Accounts with terms? No problem. From catalog-based B2C-style experiences to get-er-done grid ordering SD Knows B2B.


Reduce Friction, Drive Adoption

Giving your customers the ability to self-service is typically the biggest desire when undergoing a digital transformation. Giving them full access to their account, management of their purchasers and buyers, full view of their pricing and status of their orders will help drive them to your digital platforms, but there's so much more. New accounts should be able to apply online, and that experience should be seamless. Your reps should be able to see customer data when taking phone orders, populate a customer's account, service quote requests, and more – all from the same commerce engine backend as their frontend portal.


Get In and Get Out

Your customers already know your products and some of them interact with your site daily. This means they need frictionless experiences. We utilize industry leading business intelligence and analytics software from commerce platforms like Magento and Shopify to help inform our UI/UX decisions, which means we're learning from your customers and making decisions on actual customer usage, not theories or hunches. This means your customers will trust you to get their purchasing done quickly and effortlessly, which means that they'll be looking to you as a trusted partner for years to come.

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