Trade Secret

We delivered a great piece of technology directly to users in the environment where they operate most. I attribute the project’s success both to the ingenuity and the simplicity of the idea. Jon Tudhope, Software Director

IPC Systems provides innovative trading technology and networking solutions to financial marketplaces around the world. Employees at all levels of the company use Microsoft Outlook to respond to inquiries about customers, purchase orders, support tickets, and invoices. Finding the relevant documents has proven to be time-consuming since they are stored in different databases.

To increase productivity, SD wrote a Visual Studio Tool plugin for Microsoft Office that lets IPC employees search for files in multiple databases directly from Outlook. Search results are displayed in a custom sidebar that was built with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology. It displays orders, projects, customer names, invoice numbers, and support ticket IDs along with the latest field alerts, knowledge base articles, and KPI reports. Over one hundred of IPC’s employees are currently using the Outlook Toolbar, and it continues to recieve glowing reviews.


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